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Business aviation, profit potential

Companies are rarely familiar with the advantages of business aviation and yet this can be a very efficient tool for improving productivity and profitability.

What is business aviation?
It is the private use of an aeroplane or helicopter to transport managers, executives and the staff of a company.

Why choose business aviation?
For your trips in France, Europe and North Africa, check if the following advantages can improve the profitability of your company.

Gaining time
You can organize your trips depending on your meetings instead of working with the time schedules and destinations offered by regular airlines.
You can plan several destinations and meetings in the same day.
You will avoid the long waits , risks of delay and missed connections of the big airports.
You will take off from and land at the nearest airports.

Efficient management
You will be able to work in private during the flight
You will be more mobile and take part in more meetings. You may even reduce your workforce.
You will save on hotel bills

Better working conditions
As you will be back the same day, you will have more time with your family
As you will be less stressed and less tired, you may be more efficient in your negotiations;
You may even attract the best executives

No missed opportunities
Even if you need to prolong your meeting , modify your programme or change your destination, you’ll still be in the right place at the right time.

With business aviation, you are alone on board with your luggage, no security risks.

Business aviation has proved itself  as a safe means of transport. Our maintenance standards and the skills of our pilots are checked on a regular basis.

Added value for your clients
You will spend more time with them and invite them to visit your factory using efficient transport.

In case you need to deliver a vital component to avoid closing down a production line or if you need to send a technician on site.

Potential profit
Evaluate your travelling needs and match them to the advantages of chartering an aeroplane or helicopter.